Why You Need It?

Government Requirement

It is currently a mandatory requirement for listed and unlisted companies with a turnover of £35m, with this figure reducing annually. The UK government is encouraging companies with a lower turnover to submit now, before it becomes mandatory.


Customers and suppliers increasingly require a carbon footprint report before signing contracts and tenders. Avoid losing business by producing your carbon footprint report under SECR guidelines.


How your company is viewed by your peers, customers and suppliers is increasingly affected by your awareness and positive action regarding your company’s carbon footprint. Start by producing your CFR under SECR guidelines today with Greenfeet

What does your Carbon Footprint Report include and exclude?

Scope 1

Emissions caused directly by you or your company

Scope 2

Emissions indirectly caused by your company’s use of electricity

Excluded – Scope 3 is your upstream and downstream emissions. It is excluded because:

  • Difficulty in collecting sufficiently accurate data.
  • High risk of overlapping data.

10% of every pound received will be donated to charity